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Installing Git on Cygwin

Installing Git on the free Unix emulator Cygwin has become pretty easy. There is no need for compilation, you just need to download the packages. Here are the steps :

1) Run Cygwin1.7.8-1setup.exe. If you have already installed Cygwin, you still need to run that Cygwin1.7.8-1setup.exe file in order to update the installation and add new packages.

2) Select the Git packages from the “Devel” category. They are :

  • git
  • git-completion
  • git-gui
  • git-svn (optional)
  • gitk

3) Add the required packages to satisfy dependencies (crypt, libapr1, libexpat1, perl, subversion…). They are automatically found during the installation process :

4) Click Next and the packages will be downloaded and installed :

5) And you’re done. Now test your Git installation on Cygwin :

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