Scrum applied to a POC project

I just finished working on a short project where for the first time I used the Scrum agile method.
We needed to create the very first pages of a portal based on a Liferay, a free and open source enterprise portal.
Due to the very short time we had (3 weeks) and which is inherent to the nature of the project (a proof of concept), the scrum master decided to create 3 sprints of 1 week each. Generally, a sprint lasts 3 weeks.
Here are 3 pictures of our white board filled with yellow post-its. Each week we gave a new title to the board : (season 1, season 2, season 3).
Season 2
Our product backlog contains user stories which correspond to the customer’s requirements / needs. We defined 3 level of priorities (P1, P2 and P3) for the tasks.
Scrum 1
We had 4 columns: “PORTLETS”, “PARAMETRAGE”, “TECH”, “DESIGN WEB” representing the categories of the tasks. This is not the conventional way to do it because each column should be representing the life-cycle of a task (for instance the statuses “PENDING”, “IN PROGRESS”, “IN QUALIFICATION” and “COMPLETE” ).
Scrum 2
When a task is done, the post-it moves on to the DONE column (in fact a line at the bottom in our case. Again, not the conventional way to do things).