VMware virtual machine with Windows 7

I have been using VMware workstation and VMware player lately. I am really impressed and it is amazing to see the benefits it can bring. For instance one can load a machine running with all the software needed to do web development.

Today I created a virtual machine from an iso file containing Windows 7, which is in beta version right now and will be on sale in october 2009.

I can run Windows 7 as a guest operating system on my Windows Vista operating system, the host.

The virtual machine can have its own IP and be visible in the LAN.

Rich Internet Application Statistics

This Flex app is an interesting one.

It shows the percentages of deployment of the main RIA plugins (Flash Player for Flex, Silverlight Player for Silverlight, JRE for JavaFX), in real time, based on about 41 sites, during the last 30 days.

Apparently, regardless of the OS and the browser, almost 70% of the desktops do not have the Silverlight plugin yet. I am not surprised, I installed it today only.

On the other side, almost every desktop runs Flash Player (97%).

And 26% of the desktops do not have a JRE.