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Generate the database schema with Hibernate3 Maven Plugin

October 19th, 2011 No comments

There is a nice Maven plugin for JPA/Hibernate that makes it possible to quickly generate the database schema (SQL) and save it in a file.
The artifactId of this plugin is hibernate3-maven-plugin.
It will scan all JPA annotations in the class files of the entities and generate the corresponding SQL queries.
A persistence.xml file is required.

  1. With version 2.2 :

Content of the pom.xml :

                    <format>true</format>                    <outputfilename>schema-${DataBaseUser}-${DatabaseName}.sql</outputfilename>

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Eclipse Dali vs Hibernate Tools

May 8th, 2011 No comments

The process of mapping tables to entities is greatly simplified with tools like Eclipse Dali and Hibernate Tools, both available as Eclipse plugins. It avoids mapping them by hand, which in my opinion is prone to mapping errors and takes more time. And I really do not see why one should map them by hand when great tools like Eclipse Dali and Hibernate Tools are available.
In my book, I describe the use of the Eclipse Dali plugin to automatically generate the entities.
Lately I have also used Hibernate Tools and I have already noticed a few differences between these two tools.
I am going to list some of these differences.
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