About some of the new features of Java 8 …

Just want to signal something that a lot of Java developers seem not to be aware of :
a few of the upcoming features of the JDK 8 have been available in C# for some time now.

.NET / C# Java
Lambda expressions (closures) .NET 3.5 - C# 3 - 2007 JDK 8 - 2013
Virtual extension methods .NET 3.5 - C# 3 - 2007 JDK 8 - 2013
... ... ...

C# was inspired by Java and C++ and now it kind of feels like Java 8 is catching up with C# !
But it is a good thing when the languages influence each other.
That is the case with C# and Java but that is also the case with Windows Forms / WPF + XAML and JavaFX 2 / GWT or ASP.NET MVC and Java MVC-based frameworks, etc.

That is another good reason to be open to both worlds.