Coding my first Android application

I finally got the time to develop my first small Android application.
Technical environment :
– Eclipse Indigo
– Android SDK 2.3.3 (Gingerbread)
– An Android phone with Android SDK 2.3.4

I tried to go a little bit further than the traditional “Hello World” sample.
The application, called TeamManagement, is still a simple one : type in a name of a project member and it will display what his role is and when he arrived in the project. That’s it. I explored some nice features : relative layout, autocompletion, popup, menu at the bottom, show/remove image etc.


The project inside Eclipse has the following structure :

The file /MyProject/res/values/strings.xml is where the name of the application is set.

<string name="app_name">TeamManagement 1.0</string>

I chose to organize the layout programatically, instead of declaratively (main.xml) and created a single activity called MyProjectActivity :
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First baby steps with Android OS

I do not have a phone that runs Android but i am curious about this OS created by Google. That is something possible with an emulator.
This link has a nice and quick tutorial to get started with the emulator for PC.

Press Ctrl-F11 to switch between portrait mode and landscape mode.

Also, this other tutorial explains how to install the Android Market in the emulator, so you
can install new apps or games and test them.

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