My book on EJB 3 is now on sale

I received an email from the editor informing me that the book is now printed and will be available in bookstores next week (from July 5th, 2010).

It is already available for sale on Amazon and ENI.

An online version is also available.

Here is the cover of the book :


Quick chat with Teodor Danciu, the founder of JasperReports

Today I went to the Solutions Linux Open source conference and met the founder of JasperReports: Teodor Danciu. He is Romanian and speaks a very good French.

I had a quick chat with him. First, I thanked him for creating that great reporting library and then I asked him if the generated Excel files are compatible with Excel 2000, being a requirement of the customer on the project i am currently working on. The answer is: check the excel libraries that are used in JasperReports (POI and iText). They are compatible with Excel 2003 for sure.

I quickly discussed with him the support of iReport/JasperReports for EJB-QL queries. And MDX queries against an SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services. It seems a fix is available in the SVN repository and will be integrated in the next release (in 2 weeks) of JasperReports (3.7.x ?)

In the end, he gave me his business card to contact him if needed.

Generate a report from an SQL Server 2008 Anaysis Services OLAP cube with iReport and JasperReports

Software versions that i used :

iReport 3.6.1
JasperReports 3.7.1
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services
Tomcat Web Server 6.0

I was recently tasked to generate a report through JasperReports/iReport
with data coming from an OLAP cube stored in SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services.

It was rather tricky because it seems there is no default Query Executer Factory that can handle MDX
through the XML/A protocol for SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services.

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