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Running 2 instances of JOnAS on the same Linux server

To run another instance of JOnAS 5.2.1 on the same server one needs to change the ports of the new instance.
Initially, the JONAS_BASE environment variable points to /home/test/JonasInstances/instance1
To create a second instance, I just run the newjb command.
2nd instance with newjb

Then I need to make some port and name changes in different files :
1) I modify the name of the newly created instance, in the file : jonas2

2) I run the command jonas start -n jonas1 and whenever i get a “port already running” error I try to find which file defines that port. For instance if port 9001 is already running (by instance2) I run the following command :
grep -i -w 9001 *

With this slow (and rather annoying) method i was able to run a second instance of Jonas. There are the files that i needed to modify : (port RMI JRMP) :

HTTP port conflict :
jetty6.xml: 9003 instead of 9000
tomcat6-server.xml: 9003 instead of 9000
tomcat7-server.xml: 9003 instead of 9000 : 9003 instead of 9000

HSQL port (defautl is 9001 ): : 9004 instead of 9001 : 9004 instead of 9001 :
a3servers.xml : 16010 ==> 16009
joramAdmin.xml : ==> 16009

I guess there is a better way to create and run multiple JOnAS instances on the same machine. Someone told me that I should take a look at the deployme tool hosted in the JASMINe project (administration framework for JOnAS cluster).
There is also the newjc command.