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The difference between MVC 1 and MVC 2

The MVC architecture :
Model : Responsible for the business domain state knowledge
View : Responsible for a presentation view of the business domain
Controller : Responsible for controlling the flow and state of the user input

There are 2 models of the MVC architecture :
Model 1 (MVC 1) and Model 2 (MVC 2).

  • In MVC 1, the application control is decentralized, because the current page being displayed determines the next page to display.
  • In MVC 2, a controller servlet is the target of a request submission rather than the JSP pages themselves.
    A Model 2 architecture introduces a controller servlet between the browser and the JSP pages or servlet content being delivered.
    Struts is a good example of a framework based on MVC 2 because the ActionServlet servlet will select the proper view to respond to the user.

    Struts : MVC 2