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First glance at Scala

Today I took a first glance at Scala at the Paris JUG monthly meeting. Scala is a programming language which runs on the Java Virtual Machine.
I have not compiled a single line of code in Scala yet but I saw enough code to get a decent idea of it.
When you think Scala, think about the functional programming paradigme. A function can be a value.
The first speaker, Sader Drobi, showed us a few examples of code to illustrate the advantages of passing a function as a parameter.

object FirstTest {

def myfunction(callback: () => Unit) {



def otherfunction() {



def main(args: Array[String]) {




In this example, the function myfunction takes a function (anotherfunction) as a parameter. It prints hello.

And then Romain Maton and Nicolas Jozwiak, from Xebia, gave us a good presentation of the language (history, Martin Odersky, frameworks, functional programming, actors, traits, IDE plugins …). Apparently a trait in Scala can be seen as a Java interface in which one can define methods. I liked their example based on the Visitor pattern.

Everything is an object in Scala.

A few links to begin with :

I look forward to taking the time to learn more about this language and start coding with it.

Juscala ça va 😉