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How to launch the hosted mode with Jonas and Maven

GWT uses an embedded Jetty server. It is used at the beginning of the development of an application. During the prototype phase.
Personally, I used it for about a year, until we got the need to use JMS.
And since Jetty is not a Java EE server – it does not implement the JMS API – it was time to say goodbye to Jetty and use the application server that is used in production : Jonas.
There is not much info about the configuration to use in order to launch the hosted mode with a server different from Jetty. I found that the official website of the gwt-maven-plugin lacks information in that area.

I spent a few hours finding out the correct configuration for that. So here is how to do it :
1) Start Jonas
2) Deploy the application (EAR or WAR)
3) Run the goal gwt:run

And the configuration for the gwt-maven-plugin plugin is the following :

	<!-- Old configuration, to run the hosted mode with JETTY. -->
		<extraJvmArgs>-XX:MaxPermSize=512M  -Xms512M -Xmx1024M </extraJvmArgs>
	<!-- New configuration, to run the hosted mode with JONAS -->
		<extraJvmArgs>-XX:MaxPermSize=512M  -Xms512M -Xmx1024M </extraJvmArgs>
		<!--  do not start JETTY -->
		<!-- the folder where the exploded WAR is located, inside Jonas -->
		 <!--  Constant path if jonas.development=false in conf/ --> 					
		<bindAddress>localhost</bindAddress>   <!--  other possible value : -->

Line 35 is the most important : it specifies the path where the exploded war is deployed in Jonas.
That configuration could work with another application server of course.